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Change the game with accessible social media.

Catalyst Media is a pioneering social media marketing consultancy that specifically focuses on creating accessible social media channels for brands and companies.

Make the right choice, for your brand & your audience.

of people with disabilities said they would spend more with businesses that focus on accessibility (Wunderman Thompson Commerce, 2022)


Our service pricing is completely transparent, so you know what
you'll be paying for straight away, no elusive contact forms needed.

Our Service Structure

At Catalyst Media, we get that each client has a unique set of needs, which is why we've broken up our services into three distinct categories.

Line art of a computer surrounded by different accessibility symbols.


Line art of the symbol for closed captioning.


Line art of the symbol for globally accessible text.


These one-time services establish a strong baseline for your inclusive and accessible social media presence. They provide in-depth assessments, policy development, and strategic overhauls to ensure your brand is reaching its full potential.

These continuous services help maintain a consistently inclusive and engaging social presence. They involve proactive monitoring, content optimization, and staff development to keep your brand ahead of the curve.

Design your inclusive toolkit: Choose the package that best suits your brand's needs and goals. We offer a range of support, from foundational assessments and kickstarter plans to comprehensive packages for long-term transformation.

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